How to install VMware Tools on Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS with Command Line



Today we use virtualization for both development, testing and also production. One of the most popular virtualization solution is VMware. There are many products that we can use for free such as VMware Player or VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi).

If you want Guest OS to be fully working in VMware products, you must install VMware Tools that will give better virtualization support such as you can move mouse better without have to press Ctrl + Alt to get out from Guest OS. Or in Linux Server that don't have GUI, Host OS can read or change some value from Guest OS such as IP Address.

Install VMware Tools on Windows OS will be very easy as install normal software. But this article will help you to install VMware Tools on Linux Server that have only CLI for you. In principle you must have compiler and linux headers so you can go smooth with installing VMware Tools.

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