How to install OpenLDAP with MySQL as backend data on Debian 6 64-bit



LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as its name, is a protocol to access to Directory Service. Well known LDAP is Active Directory that specific on Windows Server. But for the Linux one is OpenLDAP

Normally OpenLDAP will keep all the Directory data in LDIF File Format (sample) but version prior 2.0 OpenLDAP support back-sql that will keep data in RDBMS so we can import data directly from database to OpenLDAP.

This article will focus on install OpenLDAP with MySQL as backend data on Debian 6 64-bit. If I have time I will write more about how to create MySQL schema for OpenLDAP

Install Apache + MySQL + PHP with one command on Linux with XAMPP


Amateur web developers always have problem with installation of Apache + MySQL + PHP to test their code including many administrators that want to install LAMPP Server (LAMPP stands for Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) for doing simple web server (with less security without strict configuration). So there are software that include all LAMPP with only one installation. XAMPP is the most popular one.

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