How to install mod_fcgid on DirectAdmin



From How to choosing PHP module for Apache so I decided to use mod_fcgid on my DirectAdmin private hosting. This is how to

  • Install DirectAdmin on your server. I suggest to use this how to on fresh DirectAdmin without any users. But if you want to install on DirectAdmin that have users, you must create and setting file and folder for users manually.
  • I used Debian 6 64-bit but I think you can adapt my how to to install on CentOS and Redhat
  • Run these command

How to choosing PHP module for Apache



Since I use my old 2 years hosting server. It's time to upgrade to new server with high performance to support more customers. So I have to research about installation and tuning DirectAdmin. One factor that is very important is Apache. There are many differ performance between system with tuning and without.

Factors that we have to think about choosing PHP module for Apache are performance and security. Some modules come with great performance but trade off with security while some modules are opposite.

While googling, I found some interesting data Benchmark Comparison on Serving Simple PHP: LiteSpeed vs Apache vs Nginx so I choose only mod_php, mod_fastcgi, mod_fcgid and suPHP to compare and analysis in this article.

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