My opinion: Choosing Distro for Linux Server



As you can see in my resume. I has been playing many linux distro for long time including FreeBSD Unix. So I want to share my opinion about choosing Linux Distro for server role.

  • If I want the most stable server but not install on virtualization system, I choose FreeBSD (that very difficult to install and config)
  • If I want normal stable server with ease to install software including I want to create the test server and can be install on virtualization system, I choose Debian
  • If I want to play new toys and I can accept nearly stable server, frequent restart, I choose Ubuntu
  • I never use CentOS and Redhat expect the software that I want to install required Redhat based OS such as cPanel

The reason that I always choose Debian based distro because I love APT more than YUM :)

PS. For the linux desktop I choose Ubuntu because I used it for long time and I getting into it.

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