How to create startup script on Debian



Today I have a problem that I have to add routing to my debian test box every time that server start so I googling and found this

This method I think it is only work on Debian based distro and I not sure about Redhat based distro

First create file in /etc/init.d/. For me I create route file for routing script.

vi /etc/init.d/route

Install Apache + MySQL + PHP with one command on Linux with XAMPP


Amateur web developers always have problem with installation of Apache + MySQL + PHP to test their code including many administrators that want to install LAMPP Server (LAMPP stands for Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) for doing simple web server (with less security without strict configuration). So there are software that include all LAMPP with only one installation. XAMPP is the most popular one.

Monitor your hardware temperature on Ubuntu with Sensors Applet


Most of present hardwares such as CPU, Mainboard, GPU or Harddisk come with temperature sensors. Unfortunately, driver or software that come with hardware always only working on Windows. So we will use Sensors Applet to monitor hardware temperature on Ubuntu.

We can install Sensors Applet via Terminal with command

sudo apt-get install sensors-applet

Pocket howtos: tar command


tar is command to combine many files or directories to one file plus with can be compress and extract files too.

Command to combine files or directories into one file is

tar -cfv filename.tar dirname1 dirname2

cf is create a new archive file
v is output process to terminal
filename.tar is archive file name
dirname1, dirname2 is all files or directories that you want to combine together


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