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Vi is the legacy linux text editor for very long time. Although we have many competitive text editor such as Pico or Nano but Vi still is classic text editor that very popular and widely use in these days.

Many users don't like Vi because it is hard to use. Actually although Vi has many commands but in facts we only use not more than 10 commands to working with Vi. So this article will be tell you about only important command from my experience to operate with Vi.

Pocket howtos: tar command


tar is command to combine many files or directories to one file plus with can be compress and extract files too.

Command to combine files or directories into one file is

tar -cfv filename.tar dirname1 dirname2

cf is create a new archive file
v is output process to terminal
filename.tar is archive file name
dirname1, dirname2 is all files or directories that you want to combine together

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