Perfect Guide: Install Debian 6 64-bit (Squeeze)



Debian is the most linux distro that I often used, 200+ times. Because it is very stable and ease to install software. This article will be explain my way to install Debian.

This article will showing install the latest stable Debian 6.0 64-bit (Squeeze). You can download via that I always choosing Small Installation Image or netinst because it is very small ISO file and will be download additional package to install when only require for the best minimal installation

When you boot Debian installation CD you will found first page

Choose English

Choosing your location. I live in Thailand so I choose other

And choose Asia

Then Thailand

Choose locale United States - en_US.UTF-8

Choose keyboard layout American English

After waiting to install some required component then will be network setting. If in your network having DHCP Server the installation will be setting up IP automatically but if can not find DHCP Server the installation will ask you to setting network.

Click continue first

Then we have options

  • Retry network autoconfiguration - Try to get network setting again
  • Retry network autoconfiguration with a DHCP hostname - Try to get network setting again by assigned DHCP hostname
  • Configure network manually - Manual network setting
  • Do not configure the network at this time - Skip the network setting

I choose Configure network manually

Put IP Address

Put Subnet Mask

Put Gateway

Put the IP of Name Server (or DNS Server)

Put Hostname that will be this computer name when installation has done

Put Domain Name

Put Root password

Confirm Root password again

This will be step to create the first user by put Full name first

Then Username

First user password

And confirm password

Then installation will setting up for a while. Then it will be partition disk step

  • Guided - use entire disk - Use the entire disk for Debian
  • Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM - Use the entire disk for Debian with LVM partition
  • Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM - Use the entire disk for Debian with encrypted LVM partition
  • Manual - Manual partition setting

I choose Guided - use entire disk

If we have many harddisk it can be choose from here but for this example I have only one harddisk

Choosing the way to partition harddisk

  • All files in one partition (recommended for new users) - Will be only one / partition
  • Separate /home partition - Will separate /home partition
  • Separate /home, /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions - Will separate /home, /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions

I choose All files in one partition (recommended for new users)

As you can see, we will have 2 partitions, / and swap. than we choose Finish partitioning and write changes to disk to start installation

Move cursor to Yes for the last confirm

Then installation will install and config depend on what we choose. This is will take time depend on your server speed and size of harddisk

If we use netinst so installation will ask us to choosing mirror to download package installation files.

I choose Thailand because it is the fastest mirror

Then choose the mirror server in Thailand

Setting up proxy if you have or Enter to skip proxy setting

Then installation will query the package list from mirror. This will take time depend on your speed of internet

Installation will ask if we want to send package analysis but I choose No

We can choose the software that we want to install in this page but for the minimal installation. I will deselect all options and will install later.

Choose Yes to install GRUB boot loader on Master Boot Record

The last thing that you will do is continue

Then installation will done and restart to command prompt ready to play :)